Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lodge Diary Original Cover

I didn't do it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Miscellaneaueauo.....Misc. School Pics

Paul has a serious leakage problem...

Eeeeeeee! Paul pee!

Don't worry Albert, it won't squirt your face...

Jeff's Masterpiece

The resemblance is uncanny...
Bryant, i'm innocent. [note the signature...]

Monday, January 23, 2006

Facts that really matter

Due to overwhelming demand from Albert, the facts of 5c 2005 shall be leaked....=)

Did u know...
<<--------linus looks like dato' teo chiang kok

-govin likes sandra

-govin camouflages in the lecture theatre

-benjamin chai is the only person in class with colour pencils

-Gabriel was reportedly seen squeezing and scratching his tits when staring at a maid during chem but he proudly redeemed his pride by claiming that he was actually staring at his dad...

-Carol is the most 'laku' girl in class[which is later proved by erich jeffrey and rodney]

-Albert sharted in class [shit+fart=shart]

-Jeffrey visits the toilet before school starts every morning -Jeffrey shits in school every morning

-Jeffrey and erich had a wecome back haircut for carol when she returned from melbourne

-Paul claims he is a cute hamster...[seriously.]

-Madam Voon likes Ian...

-Albert's first touching movie is Pokemon:The Movie

-After studying mandarin for 7 years, Paul doesn't know how to write his chinese name

-Somehow somewhere during willie liew's tuition, willie liew mentioned the term 'blonde handsome guy'.
-me:neh,blonde handsome guy!
*points at jeff*
jeff:but i'm not blonde...-_-'

-Albert has 10% more fat than rodney

-Shusheel Kaur is the only indian that joshua likes

-Paul don't have pencil-box

-Govin admits he has pms on the 26th of each month.

-Clarence has the horniest smile in class



No more school so no more quotes to add...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Book Of Susanna

1) I do not doubt that all of you did not study.

2)If you don't have space to write, at least write it down...(??!!)


4)Wa beh chai!(hokkien:i don't know)

5)*Hokkien ramblings*

6)Nanti aku cekkiiiiiiiiik kamu!


8)...scribble damn fast on board and draw a BIGGG underline below the word then walk slowly with some kind of gesture and then replaces the marker cover and clicks it with Effort

*any left out quotes pls drop it at comment box.

Book Of Anita

1) Dialogue:
Rusydie: Cikgu, i understand what you're teaching but i don't know how to do...
Anita: Then do!(??)


3)Okay budak-budak...

*Any famous/popular/funny quotes, pls leave it at comment box.thnx.

Book Of Linus/Complicated Jokes

*If you don't get any of the 'jokes', its ok...we don get it too.
*Rated 'R' for hazardous to health, cheap jokes.

1)Is it Winnie The Poo Poo? The Pooting?


3)Its not cheap joke, its complicated joke.

4)*Joshua singing aloud*
Linus: Wah, joshua, u are jay chou is it?
Someone: No cikgu, John is jay chou!
Linus: If John is jay chou, what is joshua? Chou Jay?(starts laughing to himself)

Fact:Linus has a non-related twin...Dato' Teo Chiang Kok.

Book Of Kenny



3)At the end of the day...

4)Basically, you just...

Book Of The Voon

1)We are nice people, its just that you bring out the evil in us!

2)Come on!


4)* you think i like to nag?...*continues nagging.....*

The Book Of Govin

Fact: Govin has a thing for Sandra...LOL

1)(comes into class) UP!

2)If u want something u get something!

3)If your forecast get a B, u don't ask me why...

4)The ever-famous 'Do you want to sign the form?!'

5)Ok, put away all the other business, concentrate on moral business!

6)Money is to spend, don't keep in the bank! (which happens to contradict to mong's #6)

7)Eh, the boys at the back there, don't do some other monkey business!

8)Ok, today we do something.

9)Your what u think is your answer.

10)(trying to get the class's attention)
Excuse me, I'm the class!

11)The choice is your hand!

12)If you think same u write same!

13)Ok,very funny, haha...

14)That is a very bad pussycat attitude...

15)End your time in lodge with happyning.

16)Len, don't think so much...
*Len is Leonard

17)If you cheat me, you cheat myself!

18)Govin looks over at Joshua's desk...
Govin: Hey, what you people doing there?
Someone: Nothing, cikgu! Just playing chess...
Govin: That is not allowed to play!

19)Govin points over at Diana's place...
Govin: Where is this girl go?
Serena: She is sick...
Govin: Uh-oh...

20)He no thing for u...u have the thing for him

The Book Of Mong

1) Don't waste time! Didn't u know that wasting time is a sin?!

2)Wasting energy is a sin too!(wonder why he teach pe then...)

3)When u hold the stick(baton) like that, u are neither in hell or heaven!

4)A man can never hold 2 batons!(he was holding 2 batons...)

5)Don't hold the stick like that! It is not a million dollar!

6)If it is a million dollar, i will run and keep it in the bank!

7)Don;t run so fast, u're not catching the MAS flight!

8)Siap Tiga Bantal!

9)Run like hell!

10)If u r not a prefect, sit down or sit down!

11)I feel very disappointing...

12)Check for crack! (when some ppl land on the cement during triple jump)

13)Where's your team? i bet my bottom dollar...

14)To get 50 marks, anyone can do it, any Tom,Dick and Harry can do it, any Abdullah,Jason and Ahmad can do it...

15)(when some unnamed ppl passes him a doctors cert..)
You look at me you get sick, i look at u i get vomit!

16)The soft ball is slightly very much softer than the hockey ball

Mong: Rusydie, u should eat bacon and eggs for breakfast!
Someone: But cikgu, rusydie is malay, he cannot eat bacon,its pork...
Mong: Then he can eat bacon and ham then! (????????)

18)Sila balik kampung, tanam jagung you're out!

19)So don't beware!

20)Balik kampung tanam jagung!

21)Sayang, mana kamu pergi sayang...


so...this blog here...just to remind us of how much shit our teachers or classmates have said throughout the yea, enjoy

*quotes dat are posted are mostly heard in 5c 2005 so leave a quote which is unposted in the comment box.thnx =)

*oh and if any of the quotes don make sense esp.mongs and govins...well, lets just say dat i didnt type

bottom line...yes cikgus, we have been paying attention
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